Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello world!

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have stumbled upon this blog by accident while it is under construction. Either that, or you're my mother (hi, Mom). However, if by some miracle you're actually here for the former reason, hello! I've been inspired here lately by many of my Goodreads friends to create a blog for my book reviews. I figure this is a much more fool-proof system than writing my every thought down in the book review Moleskine journal I bought last year--because honestly, who can be bothered to actually write stuff down these days? This is the technology of the 21st century! Journals are becoming blogs, books are becoming ebooks (I can't say I'm totally on board with this one though).

So if you're feeling faithful at all in this blog, please stick around.

I'll be posting reviews every time I finish a book, and I may even do a book haul every once in a while (but being a broke soon-to-be college student, I won't have much money for books in the foreseeable future. Sad life).

So with this, I bid you adieu.

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